Zatoichi and the fugitives online dating

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Take one or two vicious yakuza bosses, a benevolent peasant or innkeeper weighed down by debts, a virtuous daughter threatened with concubinage, a hotheaded brother attracted to a life of crime or vowed to bloody revenge, and an orphaned infant, and you have the makings of pretty much any Zatoichi vehicle..

One of the uncanny, subtle moments is Zatoichi’s walk along the village street to his encounter with Tohachi’s horde — as his acute ears pick out the whispers behind closing windows and doors of the frightened villagers.

near Jefferson — close to the USC Cinema campus — that was the home of the long running Zatoichi series: the charismatic but humble, taciturn, blind swordsman known simply as “Ichi.” screen was modest compared to the larger cinema barn of the Toho La Brea.

As a leading man Shintaro Katsu lacked the charismatic braggadocio of Toshiro Mifune.

Most of the women he meets are crazy about him,his skills, passion for life, and the repect he shows even toward those who are trying to kill him, or who he has killed is something that is missing from films even today.

In this video he frees a group of women who have been forced into prostitution by a yakuza crime boss. I own nearly all of them and this one is one of my favorites for sure, but hey they are all great!

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below Wilshire was a necessary weekly stop for a generation of film students from USC and UCLA.

Further south, at the corner of La Cienega and Adams Blvds., stood the , Daiei Studios began an adventure franchise that survived even after the studio’s bankruptcy, when it was taken over by the Toho Co.

An early and predictable product of this deal is the twentieth film in the eponymous series — Cinema on Crenshaw Blvd.

A profile, close-up dolly shot catches Zatoichi’s preternatural ability to hear, to smell — even to just sense the presence of others (especially his enemies.) Such moments are the abiding delights of each episode.

Criterion has made it possible to watch the first episode of the series, You may find it impossible, like me, to resist this humble man probing the earth with his simple cane sword, his, eager, devouring of rice balls, his impossible loves for young women, and especially his Chaplin-like walk down the road toward his next adventure — at every fade out.

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