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I'm going to say you should jump straight in, both feet first and start with Sword Art Online.When you're done with that, try out Attack On Titan, followed up by the re-do's of the good old Evangelion.If you write a persons name in the notebook, they have a heart attack.Writing a description of how they die will have the person die as written in the notebook.

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(Manga is better, and longer.) Rurouni Kenshin The list can continue as long as I have time to think of titles.for example alot of people like kill la kill because its very fast paced and packed with action but others hate the art style.personally i really liked noragami alot but i found that the original story from the mangas was alot better but it is still a really good anime.Then you must watch Shinka's works, most importantly 5 CM per second. Their last issue got almost 3 million buyers or some crazy ..If you want to watch a modern anime with the most realistic animation, I'd go with "Rain" by makato Shinka. 1) Clannad AS 2) 5 CM Per second 3) Sword Art Online 4) Ore Wa no Seishun 5) Sakura no Pet 6) Fairy Tail 7) Rain I've never watched it, and it seems to have a lot of episodes. It's best to let him watching something with moderate length like Gurren Lagann to see if he even likes anime. I was trying to be sarcastic, no one should watch Kochira as their first anime, it's too much imo. there are so many good ones out there, depends on mostly what kind of shows you like such as romance or action and etc.

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