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What do you think you’re going to do, attend openings for the rest of your life?”So Jackie reached out to Guinzburg, who was enthusiastic about bringing Jacqueline Kennedy to Viking, but unsure of her role precisely, according to Lawrence’s book.In her new permanent home on Fifth Avenue, Jackie’s focus was on her two children.With Caroline, 18, studying for a term in London and John established at Collegiate, friends noticed that she was forlorn and restless.

The genesis of this posture was nothing more than a desire to shield her, but the flip side of this protective gesture was the fact that few people understood how committed and talented she was at the work she chose to do.”It was not a career easily chosen, and in the beginning there were adjustments on both sides, as the most famous woman in the world entered a business that, while prestigious, crammed with readings and parties, expense accounts and long summer vacations, paid its editors starting salaries of less than ,000.

Guinzburg said to her: “You’re not really equipped to be an editor.

It’s not that you don’t have the talent for it, the ability for it, but you don’t have the background and the training and you, I think, would suffer in a publishing house because that would set up some kind of competitive atmosphere with the other editors. While she was at the White House, she was deeply involved in the production of a book on its restoration, even selecting its typeface.

Jackie’s life after the White House has received much attention in the last year, with Jackie found herself in Manhattan with her two children, John Jr.

and Caroline Kennedy, after the death of her second husband, Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.

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