Heavenly playgirl dating sim nikolai

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Cleon’s events: 1st event: Week 2 everyday 2nd event: Need 100 exp.

5 exp Cleon’s date: – I’d feel lonely if you go back too. 50 exp Gifts for Cleon: Bought in WTH: Kingdom ❤ poster 30 exp Key Necklace 30 exp Bought in Grocery store: Dragonfruit 30 exp DO NOT give Cleon the cosplay suit!

Some of the information in this game is not what it should be, Cosette says she is eighteen, both cosette and eponine have the SAME phone number, what's more Cosette, elphaba, and eponine all have the same birthday, i'll put the right information below.

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Did the accident cause you to have memorizing trouble?

almostimmortalbutstillnot = max HP 9999 for the win! (That’s 9 ‘oh’s and one ‘o’ at the end) needextrabackpacknow = max items highspeedrebornbaby = minimum sin dokidokinotpatient = skip to final day friendzonedcrybaby = max relationship with Sergio girlsphobiabatter = max relationship with Vittorio youngsmartandsingle = max relationship with Nikolai obsessedwithriku = max relationship with Cleon aishiterugreenikemen = max relationship with Keagan myfavouriteexorcist = max relationship with Ignacio machomuscularracer = max relationship with Ray fallenhandsomeangel = max relationship with Angelo That.

The quick sleep can also be used to give back hp when you want to train without having to sleep.

At the time I made Cleon’s walkthrough they were hard to find. It costs 0 coins and will open up a new room next to your own room.

Cheat codes: Cleon’s usual places: Week 2 3: Treatment Room (VIP) Week 4 5 (somewhat): Monday: Cafe Tuesday: East Heavenhill Park Wednesday: West Heavenhill Park Thursday: Cinema Friday: Bookstore Saturday: Treatment Room (VIP) Sunday: Treatment Room (VIP) Week 5 Friday: The airport General talk: Tip: I’d get the exp to 1000 before meeting Cleon at the airport.

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