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When you call Sprint, they’ll want the MEID for the i Phone, so make sure you have that ready. I’d like you to check the i Phone’s MEID, confirm that the i Phone is not currently active on an account, and confirm that the i Phone is not on a lost/stolen list. You’ll want to inspect the i Phone and make sure it’s in working condition.When someone answers the phone, use the following script: Hi! I run through a quick 19-point checklist when I buy an i Phone.It’s very easy to check if the i Phone you’re looking at purchasing has been reported as lost/stolen and is blocked by the carrier.You’ll need three things: The person you’re buying your i Phone from might say the i Phone is for AT&T or Sprint, but how do you know?

I had just paid 0 for an i Phone 4S and now I discovered it was stolen.

When you head out to buy a phone, you’re probably carrying a few hundred dollars with you. Together, this should give you a good idea of what to offer.

When it comes time to buy the phone, you’ll always be able to get the seller to drop the price ~5%–25%.

If the IMEI starts with 01, the i Phone was released for a GSM network (like AT&T or T-Mobile).

If the MEID starts with 99, the i Phone was released for a CDMA network (like Sprint or Verizon).

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