Clue clue clueless clueless dating series

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I told her it was a necessary part of my job, that it won't be to much longer before I would be promoted to the next level and then I'd hardly be traveling at all and would be home more often.She accepted this but was not thrilled to see me go off on my next trip.She would start by pointing out something that I had nothing to do with and then some how blame me for it.The 'If you were home more this wouldn't happen.' or 'We need you here and not gallivanting all over the country.' She did have a point, it just took me a while to realize it.During this time I decide to begin dating again so I checked out some online sites.To my very pleasant surprise I found my college sweetheart Jamie on one of them. Now Jamie doesn't have supermodel looks, but she does have a killer body.

I still travel quit a bit, sometimes two weeks each month, but its what required for my job.My wife has simple tastes and usually just wears a t-shirt and shorts to bed. The only time I did buy her something nice from Victoria's Secret she wore it only once and never again.But those I found I'd never seen her wear and thought she bought them for herself. We usually had some pretty good sex, very romantic and energetic sex. This can wait." I hung up and went to my next meeting not thinking to much about the call as I didn't know anything and Frank would have told me if it were something I needed to be aware of right away.I added quite a bit to the ending and hope you enjoy it.Again any and all comments are welcomed, it's the only way I can become a better writer.

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