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But the defacto should be: if you're born in Wales, your Welsh - certainly up until the early 20c.

Now, Wikidata does not have an item for 'Country of passport'; and I think it should.

Please use Hi everyone, for the Sum of all paintings I add and update a lot of items about paintings on Wikidata.

Often these paintings don't have an image available on Commons, but do have a free image available on the source website.

Given previous difficulties I and other editors have experienced when attempting to discuss similar matters with that user, I'm raising it here, and not on the item's talk page which presumably has no other watchers. My viewpoint is that Q46338167 represents a different concept to any of those with which you have tried to merge it. --Succu (Then please list my „false premises“ and explain me why they are wrong. Certainly the item as it now is, seems inconsistent with any way of expressing any concept ever included in Wikidata so far. Wilfully mis-indenting your comments, having been told that doing so is harmful, and having been given advice on how to do so correctly, is disruptive.

I'm glad that Succu has confirmed that the item in question is about a different concept to the items to which he has variously redirected it (albeit he is confused as to why this is so; and about the edits I have made to the item). I'm also sure "other readers" can read both the item's description, and the sources used. Would be nice if you could explain your viewpoint to other readers of this topic. - Brya (You're "completely mystified" and - according to your comment on the item's talk page, are "guessing" what it represents; yet you see fit to make changes to the item, which are unsupported by the sources used (and you offer no new sources). The problem is that there is very little offered in the way of sources.

Looking at the current checklist here: we have Synthliboramphus scrippsi (Scripps's Murrelet) and Synthliboramphus hypoleucus (Guadalupe Murrelet).

Therefore I believe, officially Xantus's Murrelet has been split, I don't think what other authorities say is relevant.

It also includes the alternative name of Xantus's Murrelet, which is confusing.Jerry L2017 ( Dear community, I am glad to announce that Recoin is now available as gadget.Recoin adds a status indicator to entities which quantifies the extend of information (completeness) relative to other entities of same profession or type. You might take a look at https:// Project_chat/Archive/2017/12#New_userscript_quickpresets which is a different thing; but presumably Recoin could drive a presentation a little like this for the missing statements?Uploading these images is currently not part of my workflow and I don't have any plans to add it, but I would like to do something with this data.What I'm thinking of is a new property (of type URL) "free image available at url" in which we can store the direct link to the out of copyright work that can be uploaded to Commons.

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