Bret and ambre still dating

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In her exit interview on the VH1 website, Nikki explained that all the contestants are required to get tested for STDs as part of the screening process.She was inspired to write a rap song while they were waiting and someone handed her the information sheets to write on.She does pretty well considering she is wearing sexy lingerie and is filthy from rolling around in garbage!The teams were: Heather and Magdalena, Lacey and Erin, Sam and Brandi C, Brandi M and Jes, and Mia and Rodeo." Bret eliminated Constandina after she told him she had taken a three-year vow of celibacy.In the reunion show, she revealed that not only had she broken the vow of celibacy, but she had actually gotten married!Tiffany did not want to go home after coming all the way from Chicago and banged on the front door until Big John answered.

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Heather overheard this and told Bret, who didn't know who to believe.

Although she didn't win a date with Bret in the wedding challenge, he did appear to enjoy her dance.

I believe the term he used to describe it was "Taj Mah-HI-YO!

Everyone wants her to go home but Bret decides at the first elimination to keep her, mostly because he has been in similarly inebriated states and thinks she deserves a second chance.

Tiffany's catch phrase "Don't threaten me with a good time" is the name of the first episode and she says this phrase several times - until she is eliminated in episode two.

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