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Why should the -Bp client parameter be used with a Progress Online PROBKUP?Can Private Read-only Buffers be used with PROBKUP online?In addition, an enhancement was also added to the PROBKUP online routine, which allows an online backup to make use of (-Bp) Private Read-Only Buffers.This enhancement is in addition to the performance improvement mentioned above.Incrementing the -Bp would be a tuning exercise and results are likely to vary greatly due to the dynamic nature of production online databases.

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With this change, if a buffer (to be backed up) already exists in the buffer pool at the LRU end, it is no longer moved from it's current position in the (LRU) chain to the MRU (Most Recently Used) end.Once the online PROBKUP routine has completed, buffers will be evicted from the LRU chain or promoted to the MRU (Most Recently Used) chain as appropriate.It is therefore highly recommended to use (-Bp) Private Buffers with an online PROBKUP to avoid performance problems immediately after an online PROBKUP has completed.The command probes for Client Direct Restore capabilities on the storage server that is identified during the restore.If the probe passes, Net Backup uses the Client Direct Restore data transfer method on the specified client.

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