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If you’re regularly going over your allowances, you could save money by changing to a different tariff.

And if your needs change in the future, you can always switch back to your original tariff.

Going over your monthly allowance of texts and minutes is the most common reason for an unexpectedly high bill.

When this happens, you'll be charged at our standard rate.

And just add the cost onto your next month’s phone bill or use your Pay As You Go credit. If you’re using wifi, or you’re on a PC or tablet, you’ll be asked to type in your mobile number. You’ll get a text message receipt with the details of your purchase, as well as the service provider’s contact details. You can find details of any charges in the 'Things you bought' section of your bill, within 'Recent charges' on My O2, where you’ll find the name of the service provider.

Children and premium rates The Phone-paid Services Authority runs Phone Brain, a child-friendly version of their main site to help kids understand premium rate services. What is Charge to Mobile Buy digital content such as apps, games, music, films and e Books from your mobile or PC.Other 118 Services The total cost of your directory enquiries call will be our access charge plus your provider's service charge.You can find your access charge on this page in the Service number and access charges section below, or by looking at your O2 bill or checking your tariff. Additional information O2 does not endorse or promote other 118 services and we accept no liability for services provided by third parties.Short codes are used for services including entering TV competitions or downloading games or ringtones.You'll pay for the service through your mobile bill or from your Pay As You Go credit.

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